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I strongly believe that through collaborative efforts, action-oriented work and innovative solutions we can achieve higher sustainability and climate resilience across all sectors. 

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Grant Writing & Administration

I have acquired funding to support both my own research/work and that of others.

  • 2021 - 2023: As the Lead of Social Impact Grants at Nada Grocery, I have successfully secured and administered over $280,000 in wage-subsidy grants and $400,000 in business scale-up funding. This support has helped to establish and expand climate-friendly, circular practices in the Canadian food industry.

  • 2013 - Present: To support my scientific work and graduate studies, I have secured over $130,000 in scholarship funds and $12,500 in research and travel support.

Media & Engagement

It is important to me that my research is accessible to wide and diverse audiences. I use press pieces, interviews, and engaging visuals to ensure that my work is easily digestible and public. Selected recent pieces:

2023: University of Miami - News @ The U "New wave of animal oceanographers aids researcher"

2023: Outrider Magazine "Climate Change is Driving Tiger Sharks Into New Waters With Shocking Speed and Unknown Consequences"

2022: Outrider Magazine “Sharks Might Be the Ultimate Climate Scientists

2021: University of Miami - News & Events: “Recruiting sharks as climate trackers”

2020: WLRN: “Biscayne Bay Is Busy and Polluted. So Why Are There More Sawfish?

2019: “New sharks could be visiting the Jersey Shore thanks to climate change

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Selected Scientific Achievements

2023: Validated sea surface temperature measures from SPOT-tagged sharks
2022: Co-led research documenting ocean warming-induced shifts in Atlantic tiger shark migration
2020: Led study documenting the potential recovery of smalltooth sawfish in Biscayne Bay
2019: Demonstrated interactive effects of high temperature and hypoxia on the behavior, thermal tolerance, and fitness-related traits of a widespread African fish
2015: Established new fish behavioral metric for thermal tolerance experiments
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